Genius GX-Gaming DeathTaker Gaming Mouse - Hardware Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

I have had a lot of gaming mice over the years; mostly Logitech, some Razer and more recently a SteelSeries Sense. When I was approached to review the DeathTaker by GX Gaming I immediately thought back to the extremely satisfying and very surprising Zabius Gaming Headset by the same makers. Given that I was so surprised with the performance of the Zabius, I leapt at the chance to see what their mice could do. The GX Gaming website reports that the DeathTaker is "great for MMORPG / RTS games" and also highlights the fact that all nine buttons can be customized, some with macros. You can also create separate profiles that you can switch on-the-fly to fit the game you are playing and on top of that, there are five DPI settings that you can choose from. Add in the fact that the handset can be weighted with small metal weights and the high capture DPI, well you have yourself a veritable gaming peripheral. (Genius GX-Gaming DeathTaker Gaming Mouse, PC, Tech) 7.25/10

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