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What’s New in Version 2.1
- Support for iOS 8
- Enhance video clips in the Photos app using the iMovie extension
- Choose from 10 Apple-designed filters to stylize a video clip or an entire movie
- Slow down, freeze, or speed up a portion of a clip*
- Save videos and iMovie project files to iCloud Drive
- Send videos to other apps on your iOS device
- Create titles using bi-directional text
- Support for Arabic, Australian English, Hebrew, and Mexican Spanish
* 2x speed-up is available on iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display, and later devices.
The new updates allow amateur filmmakers to exert even more control over their videos, with the ability to enhance videos from directly within the Photos app and apply filters to their videos within iMovie to attain a certain look. Users can also speed up and slow down parts of videos, likely allowing users who didn't shoot in the video camera's slo-mo mode to make those changes.

Additionally, users can also move their footage around easier, using iCloud Drive to move videos and projects around their devices and also allowing other video editing and post-production apps.

Update: Pages has also been updated with iOS 8 support, iCloud Drive compatibility and stability.

Update 2: Multiple users have told MacRumors that iMovie has been pulled from App Stores around the world, likely due to significant reports of the app crashing upon launch.

Update 3: iMovie has returned to the App Store.

iMovie> is a universal app that's available for $4.99 [Direct Link]

Numbers is a universal app that's available for $9.99 [Direct Link]

Pages is a universal app that's available for $9.99 [Direct Link] [ 43 comments ] Top Rated Comments(View all)

AvatarRaggieSoftPosted: 1 day ago at 08:08 pmIt appears that iMovie is back on the app store. I'm not experiencing a crash on launch on my iPhone 5 w/ iOS 8Rating: 2 VotesAvatarPadminiPosted: 1 day ago at 06:26 pmCrash. What a joke this botched launch has been.Rating: 2 VotesAvatarAmazing IcemanPosted: 1 day ago at 09:20 pmCrash. What a joke this botched launch has been.

Well, it's not supposed to run on your Android device!


iMovie still not available for me. I have an update link, but it errors out with "The item you tried to buy is no longer available".

At least it's not just me having the issue. I'll wait a little longer for the update.

UPDATE: It paid to wait, it updated by itself and now it does work.Rating: 1 VotesAvatarSoccer5sePosted: 1 day ago at 06:06 pmiMovie is not even in the App store anymore!Rating: 1 VotesAvatarhungxPosted: 1 day ago at 10:43 pmiMovie has now been updated again and can confirm that it does not crash upon launch.Rating: 1 VotesAvatarPakakuPosted: 1 day ago at 08:57 pmCrash. What a joke this botched launch has been.

See: every single iteration of Apple day-1 launchesRating: 1 VotesAvatarPadminiPosted: 21 hours ago at 05:59 amSee: every single iteration of Apple day-1 launches

I've been around for every single day 1. I've been intimately involved (as a developers) in every single day 1.

This launch was botched. Several key features were pulled at the last minute, the initial run of iOS 8-specific apps are awful and buggy....its a botched launch.Rating: 1 VotesAvatarTheAppleFairyPosted: 20 hours ago at 07:10 amNot sure what you guys are all complaining about. I installed and it's working fine on iOS8 iPhone 5...

Never understood post like this. Congratulations? It works for you and crashes for many others.Rating: 1 VotesAvatarAbSoluTcPosted: 21 hours ago at 06:04 amCrash. What a joke this botched launch has been.

I can't begin to imagine the logistics behind designing a product, manufacturing it, getting it ready for sale, pre-orders, shipping and payment. The communication of many different networks/servers/systems to make it all happen is mind boggling to say the least. :eek:

Then there are asinine comments like the one above because iMovie crashes on the iPhone. The LEAST of most peoples problems right now. Honestly, you probably don't even need or use it.

Yeah, such a "botched" launch. :roll eyes: Go back under your rock.Rating: 1 VotesAvatarNightFoxPosted: 1 day ago at 02:10 amSo iMovie has yet again gone from free to paid again? Get your **** together apple.

IIRC it (and most of the other Apple paid apps) was only ever free to people who had bought a new iOS devices?Rating: 1 Votes
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